The history of BPK Penabur cannot be set apart from the history of Indonesian Christian Church at West Java,  which has been around since the Dutch Colonialism era. A notable historical date is July 19, 1950 as the founding date of Chinese Education Foundation Kie Tok Kauw Hwee Khu Hwee at West Java (to be acronymed as BP THKTKHKH Jabar) based on H.J.J Lamers Notary Act in Bandung which was represented by Notary candidate Tan Eng Kiam.


In the year 1967, after more than 25 years of Independence, Indonesian's pride has grown more, such that nation building and character building needed to take a more concrete form. The oriental name of Education Foundation needed to be changed to be more suitable.
Moreso after the act of Gerakan 30 September 1965. What has been done by BAPERKI as integrative, has been no longer suitable to what was being done by the group which demanded assimilation. Therefore it was deemed a necessary improvement to make a new act.


The Oey Giok Tjeng character as Head of the Foundation and Tjiok Tjing Ho as the Secretary of the former Education Foundation meet with the Notary E.  Pondaag to make a new act. So on January 27th of 1967, based on act no 33, the Foundation of Christian Board of Education at West Java which was situated in Jakarta, was founded. From the content of the founding act, it was very noticeable that the old foundation's Chinese ethnic based on Christianity has changed into Indonesian Nationality based on equal beliefs or religion.


The Foundation of Christian Board of Education at West Java (to be called as  BPK Jabar) was founded on the base of the Holy Bible's testimony that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the World Saviour. The purpose of the Foundation is to raise Indonesians based on Pancasila, which is the National Foundation of the Republic of Indonesia (the Foundation was born in the Pancasila Democracy era). While the goal of the foundation is to provide Christian servitudes in education and teaching in the most general sense.


By the name BPK Jabar, the understanding is that the region of activities only includes the province of West Java. At that time Jakarta was still regarded as a part of West Java, in accordance to the Dutch's patterns of government in Indonesia. By selecting Jakarta as the headquarter of BPK Jabar, its significance has been increased, mainly based on the judgement that the Department of Education & Culture of the Republic of Indonesia was also situated in Jakarta. So everything that has to do with education, can be resolved in Jakarta. Moreso after Jakarta was legally appointed as the Capital of the Republic of Indonesia (1964), its position as BPK Jabar's center of activities has been enhanced.


In the improved social-economic condition and communicational ability,
BPK Jabar has made several expansions up to the Lampung area. So a couple of schools under BPK Jabar was built in Bandar Lampung and Metro. With Jakarta no longer a part of  West Java and Lampung as a province clearly outside Java, separated by the Sunda Canal, so it has been considered to change the name of Education Foundation in West Java with another.


Looking at the existing facts and the activities of the managers of BPK Jabar,
it was clearly stated in chapter 2 and 3 (National Constitution of 1945).
In order that all activities done to be consistent with the new legislation,
a new legal foundation was needed.


On Tuesday, March 21st of 1989, reporting to Notary Winanto Wiryomartani, S.H.
are two of the managers of BPK Jabar, Drs. Jufrie Natanael Sentana, MBA.,
acting as the general director of daily managers, and Drs. Michael Tanok
as the secretary of BPK Jabar. An act by the name of Christian Education Foundation PENABUR (BPK PENABUR) was made, dated March 21st of 1989 Number 121 which was included in National News of the Republic of Indonesia dated May 5th of 1989 Number 36.


BPK PENABUR has stated of the existence of such prologue:
Remembering that Indonesian Christian Church which lives in alliance with the Holy Church in undertaking the call of servitude and testimony is in educational region, so that the Indonesian Christian Church in West Java has founded and nurtured a Christian Education Foundation based on the Christian Faith, in accordance to the awareness that education has the purpose of forming a complete humane. It was also stated that such foundation was situated in Jakarta and based on Pancasila and has the purpose of participating in forming a complete Indonesian humane through the region of education as the realization of the call of servitude and Christian testimony.


Translated into English by Eric Suryawinata


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