Indonesia owns an amazing amount of natural resources. In addition, Indonesia is the world's 4th most populous country (International database, 2007), a substantial potential of human resources despite millions of people still living in poverty and with low level of education. Science and technology, then, play a big role to manage one's natural resources as well as the human resources. Therefore, there has been a demand to manage human resources as early as possible.

       From Indonesian physicist Prof. Yohanes Surya, Ph.D.'s research, it was found out that there has been one student with IQ >= 145 among every 1,000 of the 1,500,000 junior high school graduates annually. The Indonesian government has also supported the needs by issuing the regulation to accommodate the gifted students, i.e. Act 20/2003 of the System of National Education, chapter 5, article 4, and chapter 12, article 1) stipulates that "Citizens with special potential and talent are eligible to gain special education".



       In its 57th year of service, BPK PENABUR Christian Educational Foundation has established a special class to accommodate the gifted students, a number of which have been studying in BPK PENABUR, and have passed very tight selection and intensive training in international forums, representing Indonesia.


        In addition to the international quality of the students in the Olympiad competitions for math and science, BPK PENABUR has since August 2006 become a Cambridge centre. The consequence is BPK PENABUR students could obtain international certificates, which enable them to be admitted to world-class universities in more than 150 countries.


Prof. Yohanes Surya, Ph.D (TOFI/ Surya Institute)


        For years, Prof. Yohanes Surya, Ph.D. and team called TOFI (Indonesian Physics Olympiad team) have consistently carried out trainings for the gifted students. Various remarkable international achievements have been achieved (see Yohanes Surya's book, Mestakung). Eventually, the Surya Institute has designed a curriculum focusing on sciences for the highly intellectually gifted students to be taught by competent teachers, who guide, monitor and evaluate the students to accomplish the aims of the curriculum.


      Both BPK PENABUR and Surya Institute have collaborated since 2007 to hold the BRILLIANT CLASS program, taking place in last 2007/2008 academic year. The name BRILLIANT carries in itself the Indonesian meaning translated into: 


BRILL : Highly intellectually gifted.

I : Strong faith.

ANT : Dedication for the advance of Indonesia.



Vision, Mision and Aims




      To be the centre of academic excellence in Science and Math with special education program for the highly intellectually gifted in order for them to:


- Possess a strong faith in God;

- Gain opportunity for the best higher education in the world; and.

- Gain high spirit of dedication for the advance of Indonesia.



- Optimally develop the potential of students with special needs; and.

- Mould students as the lifelong learners with Christian characters and social care.



1. To provide educational service for the gifted students with special needs.

2. To encourage students to recognize and optimally develop their academic competence.

3. To equip students to graduate with excellence in both the national and the international exams (Cambridge A Level).

4. To facilitate students to pursue a higher education in well-known universities overseas (on scholarship), such as Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, MIT, and Princeton.

5. To mould students as the lifelong learners with fear of God and as those having social care.





      The motto of BPK PENABUR, i.e. Faith, Knowledge and Service, has become the underlying principle of the graduate profile, i.e.:


1. Academic excellence
Graduates are admitted to prestigious universities worldwide.

2. Biblical characters
Graduates experience and love the transformation of characters for both themselves and the society.

3. Community builder 

- Graduates possess life skills to support themselves as effective and positivethinking gents of changes.

- Graduates are sensitive and care for their society, making them "salt and light" of the world.



Learning Activities





YEAR SCIENCE (36 of 51 hours) NON-SCIENCE(15 of 51 hours)
10 Essential materials of 3-year study (National Curriculum). English, P.E., Christian education and character-building, Arts, ICT (computer), Indonesian language, Civics, history
11 National Exams material, University (Bachelor) materials and International Olympiad (specific sciences), and Cambridge materials. English (Cambridge IGCSE), P.E., Christian education, Arts, Sociology, Economics, Leadership
12 National Exams material, University (Master) materials, and International Olympiad (specific sciences), and Cambridge materials. English (SAT), P.E., Christian education, another foreign language.


Notes: National Exams material, University (Master) materials, and International Olympiad (specific sciences), and Cambridge materials.


Psychological and Spiritual Guidance


     Due to the intensive learning activities above, it is important that psychological and spiritual aspects be taken care of seriously, such as the role of psychologist, priest as well as the matron and patron of the dormitory.


Physical Health


     The health check-up will be done periodically by the school doctor. The Physical Education (P.E.) teacher will keep the stamina, while the need for nutritious food is being taken care of in the dorm.


The Development of the Social Life and Environmental Issues


     To foster the social interaction with other teenagers, the BRILLIANT Class students join other regular classes in certain extra-curricular activities. Visits to useful locations and institutions are done to broaden the views and to make students sensitive to environmental issues.






      The number of teachers is 20 teachers (some subjects are taught by 2 teachers), handling Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics (36 hours) and English (with a native English teacher), Arts, Christian education, Civics, History, Indonesian language, Leadership, and P.E.


      The background of the quality Science and Math teachers comes from master and doctoral degrees directly recruited by Prof. Yohanes Surya, Ph.D. The non-science teachers are recruited from BPK PENABUR Jakarta's best and most experienced teachers, plus one native English teacher.




- Separated boy and girl dormitories.
- Learning environment with 20-24 students/class.
- Laptop for each student (wi-fi enabled).
- ICT-based library with internet access (hotspot).
- Music room.
- Vast sports field.
- Science laboratories: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (Cambridge A Level).




     The school and the dormitories are located in Gading Serpong housing, Tangerang, only 20 km. west of Jakarta. The site was selected due to the following reasons:

- The conducive area and environment for learning processes.

- Closest to the educational institutions or research institution, supporting the learning process.



Information and Admission


We are inviting:


Year 9 students with very special achievements and academic competence to learn with the special science curriculum (university level) with complete spiritual, psychological and social guidance, to be eligible to take a higher education in world-class universities, and to develop the science and technology in Indonesia in years to come



The candidate students must:


• Have an average mark of 9 (scale: 0-10) from Math, Science (Physics and Biology), and English, OR

• Obtain a silver/gold medal in National Science Olympiad (OSN) or any award in International Math/Science Olympiad, OR

• Have an IQ test >= 145 (Very Superior), OR

• Have a recommendation from their Junior high school principal


Immediately send the following documents:


Complete Curriculum Vitae with home/mobile phone no., and email (see the CV format HERE)

• Authorized copy of Junior High report card, semester 1-4

• A copy of OSN award certificate or/and international math/science olympiad award certificate

• A reference from the math/science teacher

• A reference from the Principal/ Head of Provincial/Regional Educational office

• A copy of the latest IQ test results (if available)


Our Address:

Mail: Jl. Tanjung Duren Raya No.4, Jakarta 11470

Email: brilliant[at]

For more information:

About the School and Activites see:

Telephone: 021 5666 965 - 66 ext 510-515, 021 5633828 or SMAK Gading Serpong: 021 54205137, 021 5469695




Those fulfilling the requirements and the selection process will be invited to join the selection.
Time and place for selection will be notified later.


Sponsorship and Scholarship


     The expenses to join this program cover school fees, accommodation (dormitory), textbooks and field trip as well as extra-curricular activities.


     For successful candidates, yet requiring financial aids, BPK PENABUR Jakarta will provide scholarships in accordance with each student's needs. For top students in their respective Junior high school, scholarships are granted on selective basis.


      Regarding the substantial fund required to operate the BRILLIANT Class, we welcome any sponsor, who could post an inquiry by contacting Dewi at (021) 54205137, (021) 5469695, Flexy Number (021)6846 3681 AND/ OR sending email to brilliant[at] and humasjkt[at] 

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