First International Silver Medal for SMP Nasional Plus BPK PENABUR Bogor


First achievement awarded to SMP Nasional Plus BPK PENABUR Bogor in September 2013 in International Competitions and Assessments for School (ICAS) event. The event is an annual event organized by the prestigious UNSW (The University of New South Wales) Australia. This event held 5 different areas of assessment - namely, Writing, English, Mathematics, Computers and Science, followed by schools (national plus and international schools) that exist in various countries. Registered more than 20 countries are participated in this event, such as Indonesia, Hong Kong, Australia, India, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa dan USA.



At ICAS 2013, SMP Nasional Plus BPK PENABUR Bogor gained the Silver Medal for the first time in Science ICAS assessment. The silver medal won by one of our Grade 7 students, by the name of MELVIN DIO HARYADI. After intensively mentored and trained by a team of Science mentor teachers (Miss Lorenta Nurmauli Tobing, Mr. Roland H. Simorangkir and Mr. Meyer Imbar) for the last 2 months Melvin Dio successfully competed and eliminated other participants which brought him into the silver medal winning group during this event. This achievement is noted as a joyous and honorable achievement for the large family of SMP Nasional Plus BPK PENABUR Bogor after three years of commencing its Junior High Program. Once again, congratulations to Melvin Dio Haryadi for his honorable success. Highly gratitude to all mentor teachers and all of those who had given complete support.


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