Penabur International Kelapa Gading Inauguration

AFTER MONTHS OF CAREFUL PLANNING and preparation, last Saturday, the 10th of January, PENABUR International Kelapa Gading celebrated its grand opening with an inauguration ceremony to remember.


Apart from a beautiful sermon, the traditional Cutting of the Ribbon, and the usual Speeches from the Dignitaries, guests of the event were treated to a fun-filled and action-packed potpourri of entertainment, varying from bands to clips and from choirs to integrated theatre. The theme, “Take Me to my Dreams” was beautifully expressed by the building which had been decorated as an International Airport, and all staff dressed up as pilots, pursers, stewards and air hostesses. The uniforms had been graciously lent by one of the event's esteemed main sponsors, Air Sriwijaya.


The ceremony started at 16:30 with a spectacular Saman welcoming dance, performed by students under the guidance of Vani, after which the guests were invited into the beautiful and spacious M.P.Hall which, for the occasion of the grand opening had been decorated to resemble an aeroplane, for a sermon of worship and prayer. The congregation, led by the Rev. Father Ferdinand Suleeman, M. Th., honoured and praised the Lord, thanking Him for blessing the construction and the opening of the new school building. On stage, a choir of PENABUR International teachers and an orchestra of PENABUR International students, guided the congregation in song. The school, which is situated along the Boulevard Bukit Gading Raya, is equipped with a number of facilities, including several sheltered sports courts, a swimming pool, and even dormitories.


After the inspiring service, the entertainment programme commenced. An opening dance, performed by students who, in line with the airport-surroundings, demonstrated the "onboard safety futures." This was then followed by a "Welcome Aboard" speech which was beamed onto overhead screens. The clip even featured an Air Penabur aeroplane taking off from Soekarno-Hatta, and parts were shot inside the cockpit of a real-life Air Sriwijaya Boeing 737-200. We were told about the school's ambition of becoming a leading international school, and how it combines a solid education with stable Christian principles. After that, the well-known PENABUR March was sung.


Then, the guests were shown how the building had been realised. A speech by Mr. Subianto Satmaka, backed by a slide-show of the process of construction, informed about the adverbial mountains that have been moved to establish the new building. After that, Local Chairman of BPK PENABUR, Mr. Robert Robianto held a speech praising the tremendous amount of work that has been done despite the immense odds against.


The stage was then cleared to allow the youngest of our International students to execute an enchanting angklung performance with song. They reminded us of the importance of allowing the Lord Jesus Christ into our hearts, our lives, and our decisions.


The Chairman of BPK PENABUR, Mr. Hidajat Lesmana, then addressed the people with his speech, which was followed by another inspiring one of the Chairman of GKI Jawa Barat Synod, Mr. Kuntadi Sumadikarya.


After that, it was time for theatre. The Primary students of PI-KG performed a touching musical. It relayed the story of street youngsters, and how they, too, had dreams. We should never forget how blessed we are to be able to live the lives we lead, and should thank the Lord that we do not find ourselves in their position. However, the Lord watches over us all, and the dreams and prayers for food, attention, and education of the vagabonds on stage were answered.


The band performance of the High-school students - both Junior and Senior - followed. After that, the second part of the play, performed by the Secondary students, showed how paramount it is to remain faithful and true to God, and to rely on His guidance. The performance was completed with a vigorous modern dance by the Secondary Students.


The Masters of Ceremony, KI-KG's Mr Joe and the charming Ms Monique, then invited Mr Robert Robianto and Mr Hidajat Lesmana to come forth in order to sign the stones which will be a lasting testimony to this splendid evening. The keys to the new building were then delivered into the custody of the two Principals, Mrs Minar H. Pakpahan (for Primary) and Mr Surja Winata (for Secondary). A dazzling dance performance by the Secondary students, flooded with light and sound, then signalled the end of the official programme. The guests were invited to enjoy a delicious dinner by the poolside, while the gathered representatives of the Press were given a press conference by the dignitaries of the school.


Penabur International Kelapa Gading has made the show an unforgettable one, but would not have been able to do any of it without the help and support of the Inauguration Committee, headed by Mr Winfrid Prayogi; and the support of the many esteemed and valued sponsors and contributors to the event. For that reason, we should like to extend our profound thanks to all those who made it possible to be Taken to our Dreams.***

By Mr Matt

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