SMPK  PENABUR Gading Serpong, founded in July 2002. This is one of Junior High School from BPK PENABUR Jakarta. SMPK  PENABUR Gading Serpong ( SMPK GS) lies at Jl. Kelapa Gading Barat Raya, Gading Serpong. Phone 021-54205133, Fax. 021-54205134.
        We have more programs than the other junior high schools of BPK PENABUR Jakarta. We want our students who study in our school have achievement in academic, as well as their community by contributing whole heartedly, having absorbed the school of academic and excellence character.
       Our well rounded students have habits to practice in English language, thinking skill and creativity. Armed with confidence and leadership abilities, they are ready to face a demanding future, with heart filled with kindness, understanding and compassion.



To become a school with Christian values as a solid foundation for future achievements


  1. To help students to have good character, creative, smart, innovative and independent
  2. To enhance teachers and staffs to be professional educator



  1. Moving Students  System 

We have moving students system, when every changing time, the students     must move to other class to learn the other subject. The moving students system is for all subjects in PG      



Physic Class                         Bahasa Indonesia


  1. Mathematics and Physics, Biology  in English

We learn Mathematics, Physics, and Biology  in English, by  implementing active and interactive methods. The students study by knowing and proving the theories of Mathematics, Physics and Biology.


  1. Curriculum :

3.1 National Curriculum :

      Civic Moral Education, Bahasa Indonesia, Religion Education, Mathematics, English,  Science  (Biology – Physics – Chemistry ), Social Science (Economic–History–Geography), Skill  (cooking, electronic, product design, graphic design, robotic), Arts Educations (Vocal, drawing, drama, music), Physical Education, Computer and English Conversation, Chinese Language

3.2 Curriculum plus :

3.2.1 English with Native Speaker


                3..2.2 Cambridge Curriculumn:

                SMPK PENABUR Gading Serpong also have International Class, and use Cambridge Curriculum.  Graphics Design,  Product Design, Cooking, Robotic, Electronics


             3.2.3        Arts Program : drawing, music, singing. Drama



3.2.4 The Moral Education :  

                           a. Morning Service every day
                           b. Students Fellowship
                           c. Campus Life
                           d. Character Building
                           e. Counseling
4. Co – Curricular Activities ( CCA ) :
            The school also serves part to non-academic side of students’ learning, which nurtures students’ talents or hobbies in sports, arts, or clubs. Every student of SMPK GS must be involved in the CCA. Each student should join at least 1 (one) and maximum 2 (two) of  CCA(s) that they prefer.

a. Scout ( Pramuka ) a. Choir
b. Youth Red Cross b. Animation Graphics
  c. Graphics Design
  d. Music : Band


a. Soccer  a. Science Club 
b. Basket Ball b. Mathematics Club  
c. Table Tennis c. English Club
d. Floor Ball d. Library Club
e. Chess    



5. Other Student Activities
a. IAYP ( International Award for Young People )

            When the students get this program, they must  do  four activities ( skill, community service, physical recreation, and  expedition ).. This program will give  award to the students. Entry into the award is voluntary and open to all  young people aged between 14 to 25 years old. There is no competition between participants.
 b. NMI ( Nugraha Muda Indonesia )

         The same program with IAYP but this program only for the students who are  at least 12 years old or secondary- 1
6. Parenting Group

         This program is for parents; through it they can learn and know about Teens and how   to be good parents. In this group, they can also share and learn from other parents’ experiences.
Each term, parents should follow 8 sessions:
    1.    Teens...What Do They Want?
    2.    The Right Beginning     3.    A Good Father
    4.    Are Your Teens Afraid or Respect?
    5.    Obedience As Foundation
    6.    Reward in Discipline
    7.    Punishment in Discipline     8.    A Healed Family


 7. English Day

           We try to make a habit for students and teachers to practice English everyday.

            SMPK GS has English Day, three times in a week (Monday, Wednesday and  Thursday)



 7.1  Triple “ S “ Programs : Smile, Say Hello, Sociable

7.2   Specific  : “ Leadership and Language

 7.3  Goals PGS : 

2004 – 2005 Discipline
2005 – 2006 Responsibility
2006 – 2007 Sense of Belonging
2007 – 2008 Wisdom
2008 – 2009 To be a Leader
2009 – 2010

Serve Others Wisely

2010 – 2011

Love Others Environment

2011 – 2012

Be Yourself

2012 – 2013

Spirituals Quotiens



  1. School Profile of SMPK GS : “ B E S T “

Be Tough :

-         be tough and independent in doing tasks 
-         be responsible, honest and humble

-         be skilled and creative
Excel World wide :

-         be fond of learning and reading
-         have knowledge nationally an internationally
-         have information technology mastery

Share with Society :

-         have leadership esprit and set an example to others
-         express empathy
-         be able to get socialized

Trust in God :
-         counting on God in every aspect of life



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