Welcome to SMPK 7 PENABUR Jakarta (Sunrise Garden) & some activities in photos

The school begins on July 12, 2010. Next are some photos of entrepreneurships & 7 CUPS event at SMPK 7 PENABUR Secondary, West Jakarta (supana/sir).


SMPK 7 Principal, Mr Supanna Wirija


2 SMPK 7 teachers (right) in a chemistry experiment with an ITB doctor


SMPK 7 (Sunrise Garden) 4-storey building


One Biology class with Ms Dewi (Biology)


(Above) Principal, 2009 teacher training (Chemistry), school building in West Java & one celebration in a class;  (Below) One event "7 CUPS" with some entrepreneurship efforts, done by  SMPK 7 Secondary students, selling food and beverages.  Source of the last 3 pics: keziagabriellaagusta.blogspot.com/2009/10/bon-voyage-k7-cup-2010.html


2010 "7 CUPS" committee


SMPK 7 stands during 7 CUP entrepreneurship


Wow! Entrepreneurs to be ...  F&B/ food and beverages industry!

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